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Graze longer. Make more hay.

With this vigorous, mega-yielding, early-maturing timothy you can make mounds of high quality hay, graze more pounds per acre, and plant less often.

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Big Yields

KY-Early Timothy produces abundant quantities of forage. Trial results indicate 20-30% yield increases over Clair, Climax and many other timothy varieties. KY-Early provides more timothy per acre than the competition.

Alfalfa Compatible Harvest

KY-Early was specifically bred for earlier maturity to better coincide with alfalfa harvest, meaning both the alfalfa and the timothy are at their optimal forage quality at first cutting.

Multi-Year Performance

KY-Early is hardy. It has shown an ability to survive wet years as well as dry/hot years, assuring farmers of longer-lasting stands and fewer replants.


KY-Early for Hay

Why is KY-Early the timothy of choice for hay? Four reasons.

  1. 1 Maturity matches up with alfalfa
  2. 2 Outyields numerous other varieties of timothy, meaning more bales of hay.
  3. 3 Excellent regrowth, meaning a greater chance of a high-yielding second cutting.
  4. 4 Good longevity, meaning less replanting.

All this adds up to more profit per acre.

KY-Early for Horses

KY-Early gives you more horse-happiness per acre. For many horse owners, timothy is the grass of choice and is oftentimes recommended by trainers and veterinarians. It has been known to bring a shine to their coats, help mares foal easier, expedite recovery of colic surgery, and even help reduce boredom in horses confined to stables. These are just a few of the many benefits of KY-Early you can expect for horses.

KY-Early for Grazing

KY-Early is ideal forage for grazing all types of livestock including horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Grazers will appreciate the increased leafiness and darker green color. Note, all timothy varieties can be damaged by over grazing. Use in continuous grazing situations will drastically reduce plant longevity.

KY-Early in Mixes

KY-Early is easy to use in mixes. It is a non-competitive bunch grass compatible with other grasses, legumes, and multi-species mixes. It will add palatability and forage tonnage, especially during early season cuts.

Yield Data

KY-Early is a high forage yielder. Growers can expect high yields with KY Early, plus excellent vigor, winter hardiness, and mid-summer growth. Independent multi-state trial data indicates a significant performance advantage over other timothy varieties.


University of Kentucky

Timothy Forage Trials

Lexington, KY



 Maturity May 9-14Plant Height (in)Percent StandYield (tons/acre)
Variety3-yr Ave ¹May 9, ‘18Oct ‘18Oct ‘19Oct ‘202018 Total2019 Total2020 Total3-Year Total
LSD 2.0012100.710.590.781.66
Trial sown September 8, 2017.
¹Average May 9-14, 2018-20. Maturity rating scale: 37 = flag leaf emergence, 45 = boot swollen, 50 = beginning of inflorescence emergence, 58 = complete emergence of inflorescence, 62 = beginning of pollen shed.
*Not significantly different from the highest numerical value in the column, based on the 0.05 LSD.

Timothy Forage Trials

Lexington, KY



 Maturity May 12-13Percent StandYield (tons/acre)
Variety3-yr Ave 1Oct. 14, 2013Oct. 17, 20162014 Total2015 Total2016 Total3-year Total
Trial sown September 5, 2013.
1Average May 12-13, 2014-16. Maturity rating scale: 37 = flag leaf emergence, 45 = boot swollen, 50 = beginning of inflorescence emergence, 58 = complete emergence of inflorescence, 62 = beginning of pollen shed.
*Not significantly different from the highest numerical value in the column, based on the 0.05 LSD.


Penn State University

Short-Lived Forage Trials - Timothy as an Annual (season multi-cut)


Yield (Tons DM/A)
VarietyHarvest DatesCut 1Cut 2Cut 3Cut 4Total
KY Early5/21, 6/30, 8/16, 9/302.681.590.492.247.00
Zenyatta5/21, 6/30, 8/16, 9/302.611.680.521.826.63
Basho6/2, 7/21, 8/25, 9/302.141.510.641.405.68
Climax6/4, 7/21, 8/25, 9/302.221.090.671.175.14
LSD (.05)0.350.590.130.410.74
Trial was planted September 16, 2020.

New York

Forage Yields (Tons DM/A)

Ithaca, NY



VarietyHeading Date ‘19% Stand Nov. 26, 20192018 Yield2019 Yield2020 Yield3-Yr. Total
KY-EarlyMay 2873%5.674.552.5012.73
CarsonMay 3168%5.264.622.6312.51
RakelJune 765%4.903.842.1710.91
ClimaxJune 1060%4.763.852.1910.81
Lsd  0.270.490.170.77
Trial sown May 18, 2017.
Harvested four times in both 2018 and 2019.


Forage Yields (Tons DM/A)

East Lansing, MI



VarietyHeading DateYield
2019 Total2020 Total2021 TotalThree-Yr. Total
KY EarlyMay 244.873.315.3313.50
WinnetowJune 55.202.574.2612.04
ClimaxJune 54.972.384.2011.55
Seeded July 2018.

Forage Yields (Tons DM/A)

East Lansing, MI



VarietyHeading DateYield
2018 Total2019 Total2020 TotalThree-Yr. Total
KY EarlyMay 25-275.075.493.2914.41
Seeded May 2017.

Forage Quality

Penn State University

Short-Lived Forage Trials - Timothy as an Annual (1st Cutting Quality Analysis)


KY Early11.2252.0148.09
Trial was planted September 16, 2020.


General Adaptation and Limitations

KY-Early and other timothys are shallow-rooted bunch grasses with high growing points. It tolerates cold temperatures and is highly palatable. KY-Early performs best in well-drained and fertile soils and when used for hay or in rotationally grazed pasture situations. Timothys do not tolerate drought, poorly drained soils or intensive continuous grazing.

Seeding Rate8–12 lbs/ac
Seeding Rate - with alfalfa or clover2–4 lbs/ac
Planting Dateslate summer/early fall and late winter/early spring
Planting Zones (map)green
Planting Depth¼–½"
Planting zones

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